Bubble Witch Saga makes a splash in Turkey through Pepsi

Bubble Witch Saga
Bubble Witch Saga

In case you hadn't noticed, Turkey is kind of a big deal in the social gaming world these days. It's one of the fastest growing regions in the space, and developer King.com wants to break into the market in a big way. King.com has made the popular bubble shooter Bubble Witch Saga available for Turkish players with a massive promotion through Pepsi.

The promotion will see the Bubble Witch Saga logo and imagery on 50 million cans of the bubbly soft drink, as well as on posters, point-of-sale packages and on TV ads. Better yet (for the Turkish players), all Pepsi cans and bottles will contain a special code that allows King.com players to unlock free in-game credits and boosts. According to a release, King.com sees over 6 million Turkish players a month.

"We are delighted to be launching this marketing partnership with Pepsi in Turkey. In different ways, King.com and Pepsi are both bringing bubbles to a country of 75 million people," King.com CMO Alex Dale said in a release. "King.com's free, easy-to-play games are popular the world over, and we hope people in Turkey will enjoy using the free in-game credits and upgrades that King.com and Pepsi are offering."

We've seen game makers enter the Turkish market before, but never in such a huge way. It will be interesting to see how other major social game companies attempt to appel to gamers in the Middle Eastern and North African regions. Aw, who are we kidding? We're just jealous that the Turkish get some free Bubble Witch Saga boosts and we don't.

[Via GamesIndustryBlog]

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