Think you know games? Find out with Video Game QuizUp on iOS

Video Game QuizUp
Video Game QuizUp

Remember the Konami Code by heart? How about what Super Mario's name was before his Nintendo debut? If you think you know more about games than the average Viewtiful Joe, then developer Plain Vanilla has a game for you. This is Video Game QuizUp a real-time, free-to-play trivia game to test your intimate knowledge of interactive entertainment.

Presented in a retro art style and theme that conjures memories of the glory days of Game Boy, players go turn for turn answering questions about their favorite hobby that range from the obvious (Which Microsoft console came out in 2005?) to the seriously inside baseball (Who produced the first version of Mortal Kombat for home consoles?).

Friends and strangers alike compete in 10-question rounds of increasingly more difficult questions to settle who holds the most gaming knowledge. That's about it, but frankly, does it need to be anything else? Not really, and Video Game QuizUp doesn't try to be much more than that, which is why you should give it a try. Like, right now.

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