Top Material Stocks of 2012 #7: Monsanto


When it comes to market share, Monsanto is a monster in the agricultural sector. This is a global seed and genomics company with continued growth in sales and its international reach. In this video, Motley Fool materials analyst Taylor Muckerman tells us why this company had such a blockbuster year and where it plans to grow from here.

What other options do farmers have to increase yields?
With less and less arable land available around the world, increasing yields from existing plots will become increasingly important to keep up with expected population growth. Cheap and effective fertilizers could be the key to achieving this goal. As the global leader in potash production, PotashCorp has several barriers-to-entry established that make it nearly impossible for competition to break through. Click here now to access The Motley Fool's new premium research report on PotashCorp, in which we cover precisely what these barriers-to-entry are and detail several other key reasons why this company presents such a compelling investment opportunity today.

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