Galaxy Life maker's Race Track Rivals rides exclusively on Spil Games

Race Track Rivals
Race Track Rivals

Well, for now at least. Digital Chocolate, the social game studio behind hits like Zombie Lane and Galaxy Life, has released an all-new game, Race Track Rivals, but not on Facebook. No, the developer has opted to go with Spil Games's GamesGames and AGames as its exclusive launch platforms for a limited time. After that, of course, the 3D racing game will see a more broad release.

Race Track Rivals is a fully 3D racing game that allows players to customize, tune up and upgrade a series of vehicles to hit the road in real time. Honestly, the social racer is reminiscent of old time racers like RC Pro-Am, especially when set to a certain control method that fixates the camera. Nostalgia is mighty powerful, and Race Track Rivals sure does deliver.

This move only strengthens the relationship between Spil Games, which already hosts Zombie Lane and Galaxy Life, and Digital Chocolate. But more importantly, it shows that developers are more willing than ever (ahem, Google+) to experiment with expanding beyond Facebook, and in this case even beforehand. If you can't wait until this racer hits the social network, click away below:

Click here to play Race Track Rivals on GamesGames >

Click here to play Race Track Rivals on AGames >

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