Many McDonald's Will Open Christmas Day

McDonald's Big Mac Value Meal
McDonald's Big Mac Value Meal

Some people have objected to the fact that McDonald's Corp. (NYSE: MCD) will keep many of its locations open for Christmas. Apparently, this breaks with a tradition of giving people the day off. McDonald's reasons that Christmas might be one of its busiest days, as people without Christmas dinner stream to its locations.

The objections are misplaced, at least to the extent that some McDonald's workers need the money that comes with the extra day on the job. And those employees likely get time-and-a-half and free food. McDonald's joins a list of other major retailers of goods and services that will be open every holiday. Some workers will object. They would rather be at home with loved ones. But work at the low-wage level is hard to find.

Better to work on Christmas than not work at all.

McDonald's share price closed at $89.91 Monday and added another six cents in after-hours trading. The 52-week range is $83.31 to $102.22.

Douglas A. McIntyre

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