CityVille 2: Support charity for exclusive rewards


Zynga has partnered with and for a two-part charitable promotion in CityVille 2, giving players the choice of helping support US teachers and classrooms, or women's education. There are six new exclusive items available for purchase in CityVille 2, with three each going along with each charity.

If you'd like to support US Classrooms and teachers, you can purchase items at the $5, $10 or $20 level. For $5, you will receive a Statue plus six Reputation Hearts. For $10, you'll receive a Veggie Garden plus 25 Reputation Hearts. Finally, for $20, you'll receive a Learning Workshop, along with 50 Reputation Hearts.

If you'd like to support Women's Education instead, you can earn three similar items. For $5, you'll receive a Statue and six Reputation Hearts. At the $10 level, you'll receive a Veggie Garden plus 25 Reputation Hearts. Finally, at the $20 level, you'll receive a Learning Workshop and 50 Reputation Hearts.

Even though these are technically six different items, they all look relatively similar, and you can definitely purchase more than one if you'd like to make multiple donations. For each purchase, the entire purchase price will be donated to either cause, so keep that in mind as well.

These items will only be available for a limited time, so make sure to donate fast if you're at all interested.

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What do you think of these charity items? Will you donate to either of these causes? Let us know in the comments!