Get the Best Bargains on Top Christmas Gifts

Savings Experiment: Christmas Shopping Christmas is right around the corner, but some of you may still be working on your shopping list. Not to worry -- there's still plenty of time to get what you need and score great deals on your gifts.

Our experts made a list of popular presents, including: a Furby, Imaginext Castle, Taylor Swift's 'RED,' the Leap Pad 2 Explorer Tablet, a Roku 2 Streaming Player, Angry Birds Boardgame, Halo 4, a Canon Powershot SX260 and 'The Avengers' on DVD. They went to three big box retailers -- Target, Walmart and Kmart -- to compare prices.

So, who had the lowest prices? All of them. These popular gifts have fixed prices, so you'll be paying roughly the same amount no matter where you shop. The best way to save money is to shop for all of your items at one place, which will cut down on gas and make the most of your time.

If you're looking for a new HDTV, jewelry or electronics, consider shopping for them after the holidays. The lowest prices for HDTVs are available in January and February, while jewelry and watches are cheapest in the spring and summer. For the best deals on new electronics, wait until the new year to see what's worth buying.

Christmas Shopping giftsWith these tips, last-minute shopping will be a breeze. Just remember where and when to shop, and you'll be able to keep your Christmas spirit up and your gift costs down.
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