Oil at Home and Abroad

Last week, major pipeline initiatives ran into problems involving citizens located in areas where the pipelines plan to be laid. While the lower Keystone XL ordeal was solved rather quickly, it appears that Enbridge still has its hands full with oyster farmers off the coast of British Columbia. On the international front, Hess announced another key find off the coast of Ghana, an area where many big oil companies have been hoping to explore. West Africa is part of the deepwater "Golden Triangle," and many hope that it will find the success of its counterparts -- the Gulf of Mexico and offshore Brazil. Tune in to the video below, in which Fool energy analyst Taylor Muckerman provides more details about each of these hot topics in the energy space.

Domestic oil & gas service companies have taken a hit in the recent past due to a slowdown in the natural gas drilling boom of the last couple of years. As this market looks to rebound, investors would be wise to consider Halliburton, one of the top companies in the business and one of those most in tune with the domestic market. To access The Motley Fool's new premium research report on this industry stalwart, simply click here now and learn everything you need to know about how Halliburton is positioning itself both at home and abroad.

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