How Employers Mistreat Workers -- Legally [VIDEO]

AOL Jobs employment law expert Donna Ballman takes questions from readers .

Most workers have had times in their careers when they felt they weren't being treated fairly by their employer.

But the question remains: Is it illegal, and if so, what can I do about it?

As part of AOL Jobs' web video series, "Lunchtime Live," employment lawyer and AOL Jobs blogger Donna Ballman fielded readers' questions on a host of subjects, including whether employers have to accommodate disabled workers and if they're allowed to discriminate against workers with felony arrests.

"Many employers simply don't know the rules," Ballman said during the video interview, noting that too often employers end up violating workers' rights as a result.

AOL Jobs reader Greg Ruiz (pictured above) appeared on camera to ask Donna Ballman about whether his employer violated the law when, he says, he was forced into retirement after a neck injury. His employer had accommodated him for two years, excusing him from job duties that he couldn't perform , but in 2011, a new supervisor decided "out of the blue" that he wouldn't accommodate Ruiz anymore, Ruiz said in an email to Ballman.

Is that illegal? Were Ruiz's rights violated? What recourse does he have? Ballman's response might surprise you.

Take a look:

Lunchtime Live: Ask Donna Ballman - Reasonable Accommodation

Here Donna Ballman addresses whether companies have to pay for your mileage when you are using the company car:

Lunchtime Live: Ask Donna Ballman - Overtime

Here Ballman explains whether employers can legally reject you for a job because of a felony conviction:

Lunchtime Live: Ask Donna Ballman - Felony Conviction

Here Donna Ballman answers a reader's question about employer's treatment of workers who smoke:

Lunchtime Live: Ask Donna Ballman - Smokers In The Workplace

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