Domino's Pizza Founder Thomas Monaghan Sues: Obamacare's Birth Control A 'Grave Sin'

Domino's Pizza founder files lawsuit.
Domino's Pizza founder files lawsuit.

The pizza moguls of America have been on President Obama's case as of late. First Papa John's CEO declared that prices at his restaurant chain would rise under the weight of Obamacare. Then on Friday the founder of Domino's Pizza filed a lawsuit against the federal government, claiming -- like over 40 other lawsuits -- that the mandatory free contraception coverage in the health care law violates religious freedom.

Thomas Monaghan, the 75-year-old founder of Domino's Pizza and a devout Catholic, is suing three government agencies and their directors, alleging that the birth control provision in the Affordable Care Act "force[s] individuals to violate their deepest held religious beliefs," the lawsuit states.

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