CoasterVille Costume Tailor: Everything you need to know


If you thought that CoasterVille's crafting feature would end at the Prop Shop and Central Kitchen, think again, as yet another crafting building will come your way at around Levels 18-19. This newest building is the Costume Tailor, which is used to make - what else? - costumes for your park's workers. These costume pieces can be used to complete quests or simply upgrade items around your park, and we're here with a complete guide to how the Costume Tailor building works.

The Costume Tailor building can be purchased from the store for 500 coins, and the base takes three energy to build. You won't need any sort of building materials after that, and can instead put the building to work immediately.

Like the Prop Shop and Central Kitchen, the Costume Tailor comes with a menu that allows you to browse all of the finished products available to you. Once you find the one you like (you can also search for it specifically), you'll see the screen change with a recipe of sorts, letting you know which materials you'll need to create that final product. For instance, one of the first things you'll need to craft is the Royal Tunic, which requires two Gemstones, one Costume Kit and one Inspiration to create.

Different materials are required for each final recipe, and recipes take longer or shorter amounts of time to create, depending on the item. In the case of this Royal Tunic, it takes two hours to complete, with Costume Kits being another item that can also be created inside the Costume Tailor building. A single Costume Kit can be created using just Goods, and it takes just two minutes to craft, adding to the variety.

It's always possible that additional recipes could be added to these crafting buildings in the future, as more item themes are released in the game, so make sure you become familiar with the setup now. Good luck crafting everything you need to make tons of progress!

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Have you already purchased your own Costume Tailor shop in CoasterVille? Do you like having the ability to craft things in CoasterVille, or do you wish this particular gameplay element was left out? Let us know in the comments!