CityVille Castle Rescue Goals: Everything you need to know


CityVille's Winter event has expanded this week via the release of the Ice Castle and its four goals. These goals will see you expanding your city, repairing the Ice Castle itself, and even harvesting crops, among other tasks. We're here with a complete guide to finishing these four goals, so let's get started!

Out in the Cold!

  • Expand to the Ice Castle

  • Repair the Ice Castle to Level 1

  • Harvest 50 Water Crops

The Water Crops are items like Mussels, Cod, and Halibut, which can be planted after you have a Fish Hatchery in your city. As for the Ice Castle, this is found in the water outside of your city's current limits, and it's nothing but a pile of rubble when you first reach it. It has multiple stages to build, with each requiring different amounts of colorful crystals and orbs. If history has taught us anything, these items will be earned through a combination of general news posts on your wall and individual requests sent directly to neighbors. When you finish this first goal, you'll receive two Bonus Crew and 50,000 coins.

Cold Abode

  • Repair the Ice Castle to Level 2

  • Have 1 Complete Ice Patch

  • Collect from 30 Businesses

As reported by the CityVille Wiki, you'll need to click on cracked sections of ice in order to start repairing them. You can click on these Ice Patches before you even own the land, and a single patch requires five energy to build. From there, you'll need to collect building materials to actually finish off the frozen land. You'll need to collect 16 Snow, 12 Ice and eight Ice Keys to complete a single Ice Patch, as an example. The Snow can be earned by posting a general request to your news feed, while the Ice can be earned by sending out requests to friends. When you complete this goal, you'll receive 300 XP and three Zoning Permits.

Castle Collections

  • Repair the Ice Castle to Level 3

  • Have 3 Completed Ice Patches

  • Collect from the Ice Castle 5 Times

You'll need to keep working on the Castle and collecting from it to collect Keys, which are then used to repair the Ice Castle. In this way, it's a cycle that will take you a lot of time to complete, but you'll be rewarded for your efforts with 100,000 coins and seven energy for completing this goal.

Icy Expansion

  • Repair the Ice Castle to Level 4

  • Have 8 Completed Ice Patches

  • Collect from 30 Businesses

As you might have guessed, this goal simply asks you to do more of the same, as you're forced to collect items for the Ice Castle upgrade, and then use the Castle to collect Keys for the Ice Patches. While there doesn't appear to be a time limit for how long you have to complete these goals, it's probably best to complete them sooner, rather than later, even if only to get them out of the way. When you finish this final goal, you'll earn 500 XP and 10 Zoning Permits. Good luck!

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Have you completed any Ice Patches or repair stages of the Ice Castle yet? What do you think of this lengthy feature in CityVille? Will you even begin to work on it, or are you busy working on other things instead? Let us know in the comments!