Apple Tests Its "Next Big Thing"


In the video below, Motley Fool analyst Lyons George discuses the latest developments with Apple . A recent article in The Wall Street Journal explains a little bit about what Apple is testing now: a television.

According to some of its employees, Apple has been working with Foxconn and others to test big-screen HD televisions. Lyons explains that it is still speculation, saying it is not yet a formal project, and still in the early stages. However, he says it is speculation with merit, as Apple has been eyeing a television for quite a while.

Apple's CEO, Tim Cook, recently suggested television as an area of intense interest for the company. After selling 1.3 million Apple TV box-top devices last quarter, Apple already has an operating system in place, and says a hardware device is expected to come out soon as well.

Lyons believes that competition will be stiff but the "smart television" business may prove very lucrative.

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