Angry Birds Star Wars makes surprise landing on Facebook for the fans

Angry Birds Star Wars Facebook
Angry Birds Star Wars Facebook

Man, that's some cloaking device. Rovio has surprised everyone with a new Facebook game. Well, sort of--Angry Birds Star Wars is now available on the social network, the developer announced on its fan page. Of course, it's free-to-play, currently offering the entirety of the Tatooine levels for nothing at all, but with a host of power-ups, boosts and even monthly subscriptions available in the in-game shop.

It's quite the early Christmas (or late Hanukkah) gift, offering essentially an entire game released on mobile for free on the social gaming platform of choice. Angry Birds Star Wars on Facebook essentially takes on the Angry Birds Friends format on the whole, but with the levels and power-ups offered when it first arrived earlier this season.

That means weekly tournaments are totally a thing in this version of the branded Angry Birds game, as are leaderboards, gifting and all the other bells and whistles you can expect from a Rovio-made Facebook game. So, go forth, young padawan, and save the galaxy--or your Monday--from boredom.

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