CityVille 2 '12 Days of Presents' Part 2: Everything you need to know

We've already looked at the first two days of quests in CityVille 2's '12 Days of Presents.' Now, it's time to look at two more, corresponding to days three and four. Remember, all of these quests can be completed at the same time, so don't worry if you've yet to complete any of the quests that came before.

Day 3: Winter Weather Advisory

  • Get 3 Campfires

  • Get 8 Cloth

  • Have 3 Gossips

The Gossips are earned by posting a general request to your news feed, asking all of your friends to help at once. If you're looking for your own friends' CityVille 2 news feed posts, bookmark this link right here. As for the Campfires, these can be earned from buildings at night (that is, while your city is in "Night Mode" - just flip the light switch). But you can spend dozens or even hundreds of energy before lucking with all three. That said, you can ask friends to send these to you via individual requests sent directly.

Finally, the Cloth can be crafted inside Rosemary's Studio using three Crates and one Spare Part each. If you run out of your supply of either of these items, the Crates can be earned by sending Supply Trucks from Small Warehouses, while the Spare Parts can be collected by visiting neighbors. A single cloth takes five minutes to create. Once you complete this quest, you'll receive 170 coins, five XP and three Ribbon.

Day 4: Frosty Jack's Workshop

  • Craft 3 Items in the Holiday Workshop

  • Have 3 Gift Bags

  • Advertise for Businesses 15 Times

The Gift Bags are earned by posting a general news item on your wall for all of your neighbors to help. While you're waiting for those to arrive, you can advertise in your town's businesses by simply clicking on businesses that are in the process of serving customers. Do that 15 times, and you'll complete this task. As for the Holiday Workshop task, if you've already completed Quests 1-3 in this series, then you're guaranteed to have one of these built in your town. If you're working on everything at once, this might still be a challenge for you, as it costs 4,800 coins, takes up a ton of space in your city and requires a ridiculous amount of building materials to complete. If you can persevere through this quest, you'll receive 200 coins, six XP and two Expansion Votes for completing it.

Yet again, we'll remind you that these are only two quests in a larger series of 12 quests in total, with one unlocking for completion each day. You'll have 26 days to complete all 12 quests for a special prize building at the end. Here's to completing them all.

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What do you think of these two quests in the 12 Days of Presents event? Have you been able to complete them both, or are you still working on the Quests for Days 1-2 in this massive event? Let us know in the comments!