CityVille 2 '12 Days of Presents' Part 1: Everything you need to know


If you were originally disappointed by the lack of Winter / Christmas themed content in CityVille 2, it's time to turn that frown upside down, as 12 brand new quests have been released in the game as part of a "12 Days of Presents" extravaganza. This event sees one quest being unlocked each day, and if you can complete all 12 within the 26 days that are remaining, you'll receive a special building as a bonus prize. We're here with a look at some of these quests to get you started! Let's go!

Day 1: 'Tis the Season

  • Place the Present Pile

  • Collect from 20 Homes

  • Have 3 Figgy Puddings

The Present Pile is given to you for free when logging into the game, and this large decoration serves as this event's overall menu, allowing you to manually start quests whenever they become available, or spend Golden Keys to unlock quests before they would have rolled out normally. As for the Figgy Puddings, these are earned by asking your friends to send them to you via individual requests sent directly to your neighbors. You'll receive two Candles, 170 coins and six XP for finishing this first quest.

Day 2: Gifts are in the Air!

  • Leave 10 Holiday Messages for your Neighbors

  • Craft 6 Ornaments

  • Have 3 Gift Bows

Gift Bows, like the Figgy Puddings above, can be earned by asking your friends to send them to you via individual requests. Meanwhile, in order to craft six Ornaments, you'll first need to build the Holiday Workshop, which is a lot easier said than done. It costs 4,800 coins to purchase in the store, and from there, you'll need eight Citizens, six Toys, four Ribbons, eight Holiday Cards and five Candles to finish it off. You received some Candles for completing the first quest in this series, and you can earn Citizens from cars driving around your town, but you'll still need to send out a ton of requests to your neighbors in order to finish this one off.

Also, the Holiday Workshop is huge, so be prepared to redesign your city to actually find a place where it will even fit. Finally, to complete the Holiday Messages task, you'll need to enable the ZChat feature, which allows you to type messages when visiting friends. If you've turned this feature off in the past, you'll need to reactivate it by clicking on the "Settings" menu above the general gameplay area and then choosing to "enable" it. From there, just visit the Governor's town if you want to get this over with quickly, and leave ten one word messages (or even just 10 periods) in the chat window to finish this task off entirely. For completing this quest, you'll receive 120 coins, four XP and two Buckets of Nails.

Remember, these are just the first two quests in a series of 12, and we'll make sure to bring you complete guides for finishing the next 10 quests in this series as soon as we know more!

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What do you think of this new daily event in CityVille 2? Have you been able to complete both of these quests in your city, or are you still waiting for building materials to be sent over by friends? Let us know in the comments!