CityVille '12 Days of Presents' Part 3: Everything you need to know


We've reached the halfway point in CityVille 2's "12 Days of Presents" Christmas event, with Day 6 just unlocked a few moments ago (as of this writing). As you might expect, these quests grow pretty complicated as we go along, but we can thankfully work on all of them at the same time over the next 26 days. Here's our complete guide to finishing Days 5 and 6 in this event:

Day 5: The Spirit Is Willing...

  • Collect from a Gift Shop 5 Times

  • Collect from Cocoa Stand 5 Times

  • Ask friends for 4 Holiday Stews

Shocker: The Holiday Stew task can be completed by sending out individual requests to your neighbors, asking for help. The other two tasks will require you to shell out some coins to purchase items in the market, either to purchase the buildings outright or to purchase more homes to reach their population requirements. The Cocoa Stand, for instance, isn't available for purchase until you have at least 9,000 citizens in your town, while the Gift Shop is locked to the 12,000 population milestone. Once you can build these items, you'll need to keep checking back in your town to see when you can collect from them, and you'll receive three Chocolates, 190 coins, and seven XP for finishing this quest.

Day 6: Spreading Good Cheer

  • Craft 5 Noisemakers

  • Tend Mayoral Estate in 10 Neighboring Cities

  • Have 4 Canned Food

First things first, the Canned Food task can be completed by posting a general news item to your wall, asking all of your friends to help at once. For the Noisemakers, you'll need to craft these inside the Holiday Workshop. If you're trying to work ahead on these quests and haven't finished it, you'll need to set aside 4,800 coins for its purchase, plus a ton of land space as this Workshop is massive. From there, you'll need a variety of building materials to finish the Workshop's construction. On the bright side, you'll be able to finish a variety of quests in this event, so it's worth building in the long run.

Finally, the Mayoral Estates task will see you visiting friends' towns and clicking on Estates that are available. That is, you will need to find friends that actually have a Mayoral Estate (seen above), as the "Crime Scene" of the former Estate doesn't count, regardless of how many times you tend it. Unless you've a ton of friends actively playing the game, this task could really slow you down, but you can always add strangers as friends long enough to tend their Estates and move on. Once you finish this quest, you'll receive four XP, 140 coins and three decorations that look like Pink Flamingo lawn ornaments.

This quest marks the halfway point in this 12 Days of Presents event, but remember, the next six quests won't be released until later. One quest is released every day, so keep checking back with us for more guides to these quests as they unlock.

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Have you already started working on Days 5 and 6 in CityVille 2's 12 Days of Presents event, or are you trying to complete all 12 quests in order? Sound off in the comments!