Zynga's PetVille will say goodbye to Facebook on December 30


Apparently, even a game with 1.1 million monthly players isn't safe from Zynga's chopping block. The developer has announced that PetVille will be the next game to close on December 30. The disappointing news comes from the game's official Facebook fan page, which thanks players for being long-time supporters.

As with other recent Zynga game closures, players are being encouraged to login to PetVille at least one last time to claim their free "complimentary bonus package" in another Zynga game from the following list: CastleVille, ChefVille, FarmVille 2, Mafia Wars, or YoVille. This is a one-time bonus for PetVille players, and it must be claimed before December 30 when the game officially closes. Here's the full statement from Zynga. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to spend some final quality time with my virtual pet.

Greetings PetVille players,

Thank you for supporting PetVille and for being a loyal player! We're sorry to inform you that PetVille will be shutting down on Dec 30, 2012. In place of PetVille, we encourage you to play other Zynga games like Castleville, Chefville, Farmville 2, Mafia Wars and Yoville.

We appreciate your participation in PetVille as it helped make the game a fun place to meet and war with friends. As a loyal PetVille player, you are eligible for a one-time, complimentary bonus package in one of either Castleville, or Chefville, or Farmville 2, or Mafia Wars or Yoville. You can start the process by logging into PetVilleand clicking on the "Redeem" button. Please note that this offer will be valid only until Dec 30, 2012.

Thank you for your time in PetVille. We look forward to seeing you again in other Zynga games.

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Are you disappointed to see PetVille close? Do you still routinely play the game, or had you left it behind for other games long ago? Let us know in the comments!