The Sims Social 'Real California Milk' Quests: Everything you need to know


Even though the Real California Milk promotion has just ended in ChefVille, we've already seen the company appear in another Facebook game: the Sims Social. There are three new quests to complete in our pads over the next week, and we're here with a guide to help you complete them!

Cowlifornian Girl 1

  • Visit Real California Milk Website

  • Call Real California Dairy Farmer

Thankfully, both of these tasks can be completed via the safety of your little virtual home, as you'll simply need to make your Sim interact with a phone and a computer to complete them both. When you finish this first quest, you'll receive 10 Lifetime Points, 20 Simoleons and 15 XP.

Cowlifornian Girl 2

  • Visit 2 Friends and ask for Cowbell

  • Buy the Feedomatic Deluxe

If you have trouble getting the game to load your friends' large homes, feel free to scroll to the end of your friends list and visit two friends that stopped playing the game long ago. Then, just click on them and select the Cowbell interaction option to earn progress for this quest. As for the Feedomatic Deluxe, this red bucket costs just 100 Simoleons to purchase from the store, so don't panic. Once you place it in your home, you'll complete this quest and will receive a Cow Shed, 15 Lifetime Points, 20 Simoleons and 20 XP.

Cowlifornian Girl 3

  • Click "Adopt" on the Cow Shed

  • Click on your Cow and Train to "Moo"

The Cow Shed will drop into your inventory at the end of the previous quest, so you'll need to clear enough land space to place it for a few moments. From there, just click on the Shed, click Adopt, and then select the Cow from the Pet Selector menu. You can also name your Cow, if you'd like. After you've adopted your Cow, you can click on it and then select "Train" to see a mastery menu similar to those found in appliances. This is the most demanding part of the entire quest series, since you'll need to spend so many energy in actually training the Cow to moo on command. After you've filled the first training bar (with five energy), you'll complete this entire quest series and will have a Cow pet to call your own for free! You'll also receive some XP, Simoleons and Lifetime Points for your trouble, but let's face it, the Cow is the awesome prize here. Good luck completing these quests before they expire!

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What do you think of this new Cow pet in the Sims Social? Will you keep her around even after you've finished these quests? Let us know in the comments!

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