FarmVille 'Return to Lighthouse Cove' Goals: Everything you need to know


Over the past few months, we've seen the release of multiple goal series in FarmVille that have taken us back to some of the game's older farm expansions, like the English Countryside. Now, players are being asked to go back to Lighthouse Cove via the appropriately named "Return to Lighthouse Cove" goal line, which comes with a whopping 12 goals to complete. Thankfully, you'll have a month to finish them all off, and we're here with a guide to doing just that, thanks to Zynga. Let's get started!

Welcome Back

  • Harvest 170 Chandler Blueberries

  • Harvest 170 Darrow Blackberries

  • Make 6 Blackberry Ice Cream

I hope you expanded your Lighthouse Cove farm to a pretty big size way back when, since the best way to finish this goal is to plant both crops at once across 340 individual squares. Chandler Blueberries take eight hours to grow, while Darrow Blackberries take four hours. Meanwhile, the Blackberry Ice Cream can be created in the Restaurant using three Darrow Blackberry, two Chandler Blueberry and three Strawberry Bushels each. When you complete this first goal, you'll receive a Marmot, 300 XP, and 5,000 coins.

Fly Like an Egret

  • Harvest 210 Red Clover

  • Harvest 210 Hay

  • Make 6 Cheddar Cheese

Yet again, the fastest way to get through these goals is by planting all of the crops at once, with Red Clover taking and Hay both taking one full day to grow. The Cheddar Cheese can be crafted inside the Restaurant using two Red Clover, one Hay and two Rhubarb Bushels for a single batch. You'll receive 325 XP, an Egret and 6,000 coins for finishing this goal.

The Cornfield

  • Harvest 245 Butter and Sugar Corn

  • Harvest 245 Tarragon

  • Make 6 Creamed Corn

A single batch of Creamed Corn requires three Butter and Sugar Corn, one Pepper, and three Tarragon Bushels to craft inside the Restaurant. If you need more of these Bushels, you can either get them from your friends or empty out your current Bushel inventory and hope they arrive when harvesting the crops themselves. Butter and Sugar Corn takes 12 hours to grow, while Tarragon takes 10 hours. When you complete this goal, you'll receive 350 XP, a Coastal Gazebo and 6,500 coins.

Hot Potato

  • Harvest 290 Kennebec Potatoes

  • Harvest 290 Dill

  • Make 8 Dill Potato Skins

Since it's unlikely that you have enough land to grow all of these crops at once, this would be a good time for a reminder that you do have a full month to complete these goals, so there's no need to panic if you need to focus on just one crop at a time. The Kennebec Potatoes take a full day to grow, while the Dill takes 12 hours. Meanwhile, Dill Potato Skins can be crafted using three Tomato, three Dill and two Kennebec Potato Bushels each. When you finish this goal, you'll receive 375 XP, an Oak Tree and 7,000 coins.


  • Harvest 290 Butter and Sugar Corn

  • Harvest 290 Daylily

  • Make 10 Jonnycakes

As a reminder, the Butter and Sugar Corn takes 12 hours to grow, while a single Daylily takes 16 hours. As you might have guessed, you'll need Bushels from both of these crops to create the Jonnycakes. To be specific, a single batch of Jonnycakes takes two Butter and Sugar Corn, two Rye, and two Daylily Bushels to craft. You'll receive 400 XP, a Mystery Game Dart and 8,000 coins when you finish this particular goal.

What a Deal!

  • Harvest 680 Cove Cranberries

  • Harvest 500 Peppermint

  • Make 12 Cranberry-Pineapple Relish

Here's where the crop requirements start getting a bit out of hand. You'll need to use your time wisely for this goal, as Cove Cranberries and Peppermint both take a full day to grow. Thankfully, Peppermint is not specific to Lighthouse Cove, so you might be able to plant it on another farm to save time. As for the Cranberry-Pineapple Relish, this is crafted back in the Restaurant on Lighthouse Cove using two Cove Cranberry, one Pineapple and three Peppermint Bushels per batch. Hopefully, you have enough Bushels to craft six batches of this at once, since each one takes six hours to complete on its own. Once you finish this goal, you'll receive 500 XP, a Coastal Hideaway building and 10,000 coins.

Blackberry Belt

  • Harvest 340 Chandler Blueberries

  • Harvest 340 Darrow Blackberries

  • Reach Level 25 Blackberry Ice Cream

If you've never really taken the time to play a lot in Ligthouse Cove, this might be the goal that stumps you, as you'll need to reach Level 25 in a single crafting recipe within the Restaurant. Each time you craft the recipe, you'll earn points towards its level, and your friends can help you out as well. However, if you've barely spent any time in Lighthouse Cove, you've got a ton of work ahead of you to actually reach Level 25. If you can complete this goal before they expire, you'll receive 600 XP, a Grey Goose and 11,000 coins.

Deserved Break

  • Harvest 760 Daylily

  • Harvest 500 Hops

  • Make 12 New England Lager

As a reminder, the Daylily crops take 16 hours to grow, while Hops (an English Countryside crop) take just 10 hours. Like you might have guessed, the New England Lager is created inside the Restaurant using three Hops, three Daylily and three Pumpkin Bushels per batch. When you complete this goal, you'll receive 700 XP, a Book of XP and 12,000 coins.

Corn Crisis!

  • Harvest 380 Butter and Sugar Corn

  • Harvest 380 Tarragon

  • Reach Level 30 Creamed Corn

As with the Blackberry Ice Cream task above, this one will really challenge your patience and dedication if you haven't been leveling up your recipes all along. As a reminder, the Butter and Sugar Corn takes 12 hours to grow while Hay takes a full day, and you'll need to combine both of those with Pepper Bushels to create Creamed Corn. Even if you've yet to reach this goal in the Return to Lighthouse Cove series, if you ever find yourself with empty Crafting Stalls inside the Restaurant, make sure you're leveling up this dish if you can. Completing this goal gives you 800 XP, a Beach Game Stand and 13,000 coins.

Wild Blueberry Hill

  • Harvest 475 Chandler Blueberries

  • Harvest 475 Cove Cranberries

  • Make 12 Wild Blueberry Pies

You know the drill by now, as your best bet it so to plant as many of these crops at once as you can to save time in the long run. Make sure you have plenty of space in your Bushel storage buildings before harvesting them as well, since you'll need some of these Bushels to create the Wild Blueberry Pies. A single Wild Blueberry Pie requires two Chandler Blueberry, three Wheat and two Rhubarb Bushels to craft. For finishing this goal, you'll receive 900 XP, an Antique Shop and 14,000 coins.

By Another Name

  • Harvest 945 Red Clover

  • Make 9 Rollieberry Pies

  • Make 9 Cove Coolers

As a reminder, the Red Clover takes a full day to grow, so this goal might take you quite a few days to complete, even in terms of just planting and harvesting the Clover itself. As for the crafting tasks, a single Rollieberry Pie requires three Chandler Blueberry, three Cove Cranberry and four Wheat bushels to create. Finally, the Cove Coolers require three Cove Cranberry, three Red Clover and two Watermelon Bushels each. We've almost reached the end now, and if you can complete this goal, you'll receive 1,000 XP, a Galiceno Horse and 15,000 coins.

Say Cheese

  • Harvest 945 Hay

  • Make 18 Cheddar Cheese

  • Reach Level 35 Cheddar Cheese

This final goal is one heck of a challenge, not only because it asks you to harvest so many crops (which take a full day to grow, mind you). Remember, a single Cheddar Cheese requires one Hay, two Rhubarb and two Red Clover bushels to craft, and you'll need to craft it a lot to ever reach Level 35, unless you've been playing Lighthouse Cove day in and day out ever since it launched. If so, you might be able to fly through these goals will relative ease, but everyone else will likely struggle. Still, if you can complete this entire goal series within the month that we have available, you'll receive 1,000 XP, a Stone Villa and 20,000 coins as your final reward. Good luck!

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What do you think of these challenging "Return to Lighthouse Cove" goals in FarmVille? Will you even attempt to finish them? Let us know in the comments!