CoasterVille Prop Shop: Everything you need to know


By the time you reach Level 14-15 in CoasterVille on Facebook, you will likely have completed the first section of quests in the Fairytale theme, and will be ready to unlock a brand new feature within the game: crafting. Crafting comes by way of the Prop Shop, which is available to purchase in the store for 500 coins.

The Prop Shop can be built by spending three energy on the base, and you can then immediately use it to start crafting materials that can be used elsewhere in your park. For instance, the first time you'll likely even need the Prop Shop will be during the "Much a Zoo About Nothing" quest, which asks you craft an Animated Dragon before you can complete it.

When you click on the Prop Shop, you'll be given a series of items at the bottom of the screen that serve as recipes. Once you find the object you're interested in (in our example, the Animated Dragon), you can click on it to see its recipe appear at the top of the screen, as seen below.

In the case of the Animated Dragon, you'd need to collect two Dragon Fangs, one Woodworking Kit and three Inspirations to create it. These ingredients can either be earned elsewhere in your park or even crafted inside the Prop Shop as well. The Dragon Fangs come from the Dragon Petting Zoo, for instance, while the Inspiration can be earned as a reward for visiting friends. As for the Woodworking Kit, this is another item that must be crafted by using 50 Goods.

Each recipe takes a different set of materials to create, and takes a different amount of time to actually finish. For instance, the Animated Dragon takes two hours, while items like Woodworking Kits or Metalworking Kits take just two minutes. Since there are already plenty of items available to craft in this Prop Shop, feel free to use the Search Bar within the crafting menu to find the exact recipe you need. It's definitely worthwhile getting used to this crafting mechanic now, rather than later, since it will likely be a big part of our lives in CoasterVille going forward. Stay tuned for more on CoasterVille, as we'll bring you all of the news you need to know to succeed!

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What do you think of this Prop Shop and crafting in general in CoasterVille? Do you think the game needed crafting, or should this be one game that's free of it? Sound off in the comments!

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