CityVille Santa's Sleigh: Everything you need to know


The Christmas holiday event continues to expand in CityVille, as players are being given the opportunity to build Santa's Sleigh in their towns. This comes via a three-part goal series called simply "Santa's Sleigh," and we're here with a look at these goals to get you started. Let's go!

Sleigh Bells Ring

  • Place and Complete Santa's Sleigh

  • Harvest 50 Holiday Crops

  • Collect 25 Holiday Spirit

The Santa's Sleigh item is the size of a large home or business, and the base requires six energy to build. Once the base is built, you'll need to collect 66 items to actually finish the Sleigh off. To be specific, you'll need to complete six specific parts of the sleigh separately by collecting items in bulk, starting with six Sleigh Skids that can be earned by posting a general request to your news feed.

As for the Holiday Crops, there are three that count for this goal: Ginger, Mistletoe and Candy Canes. Ginger is the cheapest at 40 coins per square, and it also takes the least amount of time to grow at just four hours. Candy Cane is the most expensive at 71 coins per square, and it also takes the longest at 22 hours. It's up to you to decide which crops to grow and when to complete this goal.

Finally, the Holiday Spirit can be earned by collecting from Sleigh Buildings. You can find these under the "Holiday Spirit" tab within the store, and many of them cost City Cash to purchase. You can buy items like the Duplex House for 25,000 coins, but the other coin options are rather expensive. The Holiday Manor, for instance, costs 200,000 coins, while the Ice Tray Estates costs 450,000 coins. After you finish this first goal, you'll receive two Red Holiday Gifts for your Holiday Tree, along with 50,000 coins.

Good luck building Santa's Sleigh and completing the rest of these goals! Happy holidays!

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