The Sims Social: Score your free Samsung Smart TV for a limited time


Does your Sim's pad need an updated TV in the Sims Social? I hope you said yes, because Samsung has partnered with EA / Playfish to offer a free Samsung Smart TV to all players for simply visiting the company's fan page on Facebook.

This promotion can be accessed by clicking on this link to go to the fan page. Once there, you'll simply need to click on "Get Now" to cause the item to be added to your Sim's inventory. After claiming your free TV and jumping back into the game, you can find the Samsung Smart TV in your inventory along with everything else you might have in storage. The TV is worth 7,000 Simoleons, and it can be placed on the floor of one of your rooms. It's also worth $4,900 in home value.

After you've placed it in your Sim's house, it comes with three branded interactions that cost energy, like "Skype with a Friend" or "Explore Samsung TV Apps," but of course you don't have to interact with these new options if you don't want to. Either way, remember that Samsung Smart TV will only be available for a limited time. Make sure to claim one for yourself while it's still available!

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What do you think of this branded TV for your Sim's pad? Did you claim one for your own virtual home? Sound off in the comments!