N.Y. Farmers Hire Robots Because They Can't Use Illegal Immigrants Anymore

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In recent years, it's become politically popular for states to take a tough stance against employers that hire "illegal immigrants" -- also referred to as undocumented workers. But is that actually helping American workers? In at least one case, the answer is definitely no.

A group of dairy farmers in upstate New York has found a creative end run around the government's penalties for hiring undocumented workers by employing robot farmers.Thirty New York dairy farmers have bought European-manufactured robots and put them to work milking their herds, according to a report by WGRZ.com.

The robots cost $200,000 to $500,000 to install, depending upon how many were purchased at a time, and the farmers are using the robots for $10-an-hour, entry-level jobs that immigrant workers normally held. The crackdown on undocumented workers, the farmers say, has made filling these jobs tough.

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But isn't the cost of the robots prohibitive? Why not just raise workers' wages instead?

The farmers believe that in the long run the robots will be worth the investment, as there is a sharp increase in demand for milk due to a new-found popularity of Greek yogurt.

"The bottom line is -- all of this yogurt,'' George Haier, an Eden, N.Y., farmer told New York station WGRZ.

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