Moshi Monsters (and free trials) are the new McDonald's Happy Meal toys

Moshi Monsters Happy Meal
Moshi Monsters Happy Meal

Remember when the Super Mario Bros. were who you found at the bottom of a McDonald's Happy Meal? Those days are gone to the sands of time, replaced with a new hyper popular game (and everything else) franchise: Moshi Monsters. That's right, the critters of Mind Candy's saccharine virtual world will be found in Happy Meals through Jan. 10, along with three-day free trials for the online game.

One of eight different colorful characters will be found in each kids' lunch (or dinner), which the two companies hope will inspire kids to try and collect them all. Well, either that or bug their parents to. Kids will enjoy plasticized versions of characters beloved by the game's 70 million registered players, like Katsuma, Poppet, IGGY and more.

Three days in the world of Monstro City, the tikes in your life can create their own character and nurture it through taking on a few puzzle challenges, solving Super Moshi Missions and personalizing their monster's living space. Between this and a top-selling kids magazine in the UK, a top-five album, trading cards--and not to mention a character that drew the ire of none other than Lady Gaga--it's safe to say that Moshi Monsters have "arrived".

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