FarmVille 2 Little Reindeer: Everything you need to know


During most of the major events in FarmVille 2, like Halloween or Thanksgiving, players have been able to adopt a limited edition animal for their farms by completing a series of equally limited edition tasks. For Christmas, that tradition continues, as players are being given the chance to adopt a little Brown Reindeer during the "Little Reindeer" event.

This event will activate when you login to your farm, and it will see your avatar trying to pet a shy Baby Reindeer that has appeared on the outside of your farm's land. From there, you'll need to complete a series of three tasks to make the Little Reindeer comfortable enough to stay on your farm.

Brown Reindeer

  • Place a Treat Bin

  • Finish the Reindeer Treat Bin

  • Collect 5 Sleigh Bells

The Treat Bin can be placed for free when starting this event. It has a very small footprint, so don't worry about it taking up a huge amount of space on your farm's land. You'll need to collect building materials to finish the first stage of the Treat Bin, as you'll need eight Holly, eight Lichen and eight Wood Planks to finish it off. All three of these items are earned by sending out individual requests to your neighbors for help. After that's done, you'll need to ask four of your friends to be staff within the Treat Bin to actually finish it off.

As for the Sleigh Bells, these are earned by simply posting a general news item to your feed so that all of your friends can help you at once. You have 19 days to finish this event, which is more than enough to actually complete all three tasks required to keep the Baby Brown Reindeer, and that's a good thing too, since you'll need to tend the Reindeer to finish one of the quests in the "Second Week of Winter" quest line (either that, or pay Farm Bucks to purchase premium Reindeer instead). Good luck claiming this little Baby Brown Reindeer on your own farm!

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Do you think you'll have any trouble claiming this Reindeer for your own farm? Have you already completed all three tasks in this event? Sound off in the comments!