Study: A whopping 49 percent of Facebook gamers play daily

Office Space tetris
Office Space tetris

Now get back to work. Inside Social Games reports that, according to a study from its Inside Network Research arm, that nearly half of Facebook game players log in daily to get their gaming fix. The study, titled Facebook Games: Increasing Consumer Engagement, surveyed 1,418 Facebook users between August and September about their gaming habits.

Breaking down the results, 31 percent of those surveyed play Facebook games several times daily, while 18 percent play at least once daily. According to ISG, this dedicated audience of players enjoys turn-based games that focus on friends, like Words With Friends, and competitive games such as War Commander.

The study also found that games that serve a specific niche and those with cross-platform offerings brought players back more often than games offered solely on Facebook or those aimed at broader audiences. While that makes quite a bit of sense, these numbers for daily players seem much larger than anything this editor has heard in the past.

Perhaps we can be chalk up to the sheer amount of high-profile games launched in 2012, and more importantly a surge in games aimed at the "mid-core" audience. If developers take these findings to heart, it will be interesting to see how it affects the types of games made in 2013 and onward. Now, seriously, get back to those TPS reports.

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