Bat Infestation in Stone Mountain, Ga., Apartment Building

Bat infestation, Stone Mountain, Ga.
Bat infestation, Stone Mountain, Ga.

An apartment building in Stone Mountain, Ga., near Atlanta, reportedly is experiencing an infestation of bats. Highland Forest Apartments resident Justin Fleetwood recorded a video with his cell phone of a bat in his 4-month-old daughter's room. "My initial reaction was just to drop everything and get out," Fleetwood told WSB-TV.

Other residents also complained about seeing bats inside their apartments, and WSB-TV recorded video (see below) of a swarm of bats flying outside of the building.

While maintenance crews say that they have taken some steps to stop the infestation, residents say they still hear bats in the walls.

"The contractors came out and they did what they thought was efficient to take care of the problem," the head of maintenance told WSBTV. "So, evidently there were still bats in there in the walls. You can't predict if you're getting them all."

The apartment manager said contractors will continue to work to make sure that they took care of the entire infestation, and that residents can ask for a transfer to another building in the complex.