Zynga has finally done it: A 3D (real time!) multiplayer shooter on iOS

The Respawnables screens
The Respawnables screens

Not to toot our own horn, but (beep, beep?) we totally called it. Zynga has launched a 3D, free-to-play, multiplayer shooter on iOS through developer Digital Legends. It's called The Respawnables, and looks more than familiar. The Respawnables is a third-person shooter that sees players going head-to-head in eight-on-eight or free-for-all matches.

As Kotaku points out (and we agree), The Respawnables looks more than a little bit like popular shooters Battlefield Heroes and Team Fortress 2. That said, Digital Legends worked on the mobile variety of Battlefield: Bad Company 2, so take that as you will. The game features both offline and online (in real time!) multiplayer modes across four maps that also seem to be inspired by these hit free-to-play shooters.
Regardless of how derivative The Respawnables might be, this is quite the leap forward for Zynga in changing its casual image to something more "hardcore" friendly. With potentially ground-breaking mobile shooters like The Drowning on the horizon, it will be interesting to see whether Zynga comes out on top in this corner of the scene. Until then, excuse us while we light some sorry noobs up.

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