Pocket Legends update lets you play as a Rhino Paladin ... 'nuff said

Pocket Legends Rhino Paladin
Pocket Legends Rhino Paladin

We'd normally be compelled to drop the mic at this point, but here's the rest of the news. Spacetime Studios, creators of the popular Legends series of cross-platform mobile (and free-to-play) MMOs, has issued a major update to its first game. Pocket Legends now allows players to romp around the world of Alterra as a Paladin that just so happens to be a Rhinoceros.

To be honest, this editor is more than satisfied with a horned holy warrior, but this update also brings with it a playable Vixen Ranger class (which I learned today is a female fox). The Pocket Legends also introduces a new elite monsters to slay, the Red Dragon, a new heroic dungeon known as the Forgotten Forest and a new capture the flag-based player versus player map, the Burning Flats.
Finally, there are two original options with which to take existing class skills, a bunch of new items including new low-level gear and weapons, and finally, the return of Winterfest. Pocket Legends' holiday celebration returns with new decorative items to hoard. We think this answers our questions on the fate of older Legends games in the face of Arcane Legends, don't you?

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