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facebook tops best employers list

For all the high-profile woes Facebook has encountered in recent months because of its botched $16 billion stock offering last spring and complaints by users about privacy, the social-media powerhouse remains an attractive company to work for. In fact, Facebook Inc. topped the latest list of best employers, as compiled by employment-information company Glassdoor Inc.

Facebook faces several legal challenges after a technical glitch on the initial day of trading in May prevented some trades from going through, angering investors and reducing interest in the shares. After lining up to pay the initial offering price of $38 a share, investors today are paying much less -- around $28 a share.

Despite the Silicon Valley company's stumbles, founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg remains at the forefront of social-media innovation and popular among his 3,200 employees. Trust in the 28-year-old's leadership abilities was one reason that Facebook employees rated the company so highly.

Pay Is Awesome, Even For Interns

As BusinessInsider notes, even interns at Facebook are paid handsomely, earning about $5,602 a month, or an annual salary of about $67,000, based on 28 reviews published on Glassdoor's site. That's about $25,000 more than the average U.S. worker, who earns $42,976.

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According to Glassdoor, Facebook employees also appreciate the companies' many perks and benefits, and believe in its commitment to "hacker culture" and ability to enhance the lives of the more than 1 billion current Facebook users.

But those characteristics aren't unique to any one company or sector, which may explain why on the same day that Glassdoor released its Top 50 Best Places to Work for 2013 list, competing website unveiled its 50 Happiest Companies of 2013, which didn't feature Facebook at all.

But Pfizer Tops A Rival's List

Topping CareerBliss' rankings? Pharmaceutical-giant Pfizer Inc., which has been plagued by lay offs.

In naming Pfizer the "Happiest Company in America," CareerBliss said its data showed that Pfizer employees particularly "enjoy the people they work with and the support they get" on the job.

The rival websites say they use different methodologies to determine scores and rankings, which account for the disparate outcomes, though the factors considered are similar. They include such things as pay, benefits, work/life balance, company management, and corporate culture and values, culled from reviews of employees posted on their respective sites.

Based on Glassdoor's data, here are the 10 companies that topped its Best Places list. (The complete list is here.)

  1. Boston Consulting Group
    Glassdoor score: 4.2
    Number of employees: 1,958 (U.S.)
    Headquarters: Boston

  2. In-N-Out Burger Inc.
    Glassdoor score:4.2
    Number of employees: 10,000+
    Headquarters: Irvine, Calif.

  3. National Instruments Corp.
    Glassdoor score: 4.3
    Number of employees: About 6,300
    Headquarters: Austin, Texas

  4. Edelman
    Glassdoor score: 4.3
    Number of employees: 4,500+
    Headquarters: New York

  5. Google Inc.
    Glassdoor score: 4.3
    Number of employees: 32,500
    Headquarters: Mountain View, Calif.

  6. M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
    Glassdoor score: 4.3
    Number of employees: 18,000
    Headquarters: Houston

  7. Bain & Co.
    Glassdoor score: 4.5
    Number of employees: 5,000+
    Headquarters: Boston

  8. Riverbed Technology
    Glassdoor score: 4.5
    Number of employees: 1,610
    Headquarters: San Francisco

  9. McKinsey & Co.
    Glassdoor score: 4.5
    Number of employees: 17,000+
    Headquarters: New York

  10. Facebook Inc.
    Glassdoor score: 4.7
    Number of employees: 3,200
    Headquarters: Menlo Park, Calif.

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