CityVille Holiday on the Lake Saga Act 2: Everything you need to know


Earlier this month, Zynga rolled out the "Holiday on the Lake" Saga to CityVille, and while Act 1 was only available to complete previously, Act 2 has now opened up for players to complete. There are three new goals to complete in Act 2 of this Christmas event, and we're here with a guide to finishing them off! Let's get started!

Winter Splendor

  • Upgrade the Giant Holiday Tree to Level 4

  • Ask for 22 Garlands

  • Harvest 50 Candy Canes

First things first, the Garlands can be earned by posting a general request to your news feed. It's best to play the game on while posting these requests, as you can earn help from strangers as well as friends and save time. As for the Holiday Tree, it must be upgraded by collecting various colors of Lights, which can be earned through a combination of general requests on your news feed and individual requests sent to neighbors. In addition to the Lights, you'll also need to collect Holiday Tree Stands by tending "Snow Buildings" that can be purchased in the store. In this case, you can purchase a Kringle Crafts store for 20,000 coins and a Holiday Cookie Bakery for 150,000 coins, but the other compatible items cost City Cash.

Finally, the Candy Canes can be planted and harvested after 22 hours, so feel free to create some extra farm plots just to have them all growing at once to save time in the long run. For completing this first goal, you'll receive 10,000 coins and 150 XP.

Winter Getaway

  • Send 75 Tour Buses

  • Collect from Winter Clock Tower 5 Times

  • Collect from Snowy Chateau or Holly Jolly House 12 Times

The Tour Buses can be sent by clicking on businesses in your friends' towns, and you can send a maximum of five in each town. As for the Winter Clock Tower, this is a community building that costs 80,000 coins to purchase in the store. It allows 1600 extra citizens to live in your town. Finally, the Snowy Chateau can be purchased in the store for 20,000 coins. It gives your town 190 citizens in population, and also gives 281 coins in rent every 18 hours. The Holly Jolly House is also available to purchase in the store, but it costs 15 City Cash to build. For the record, it gives off 120 citizens in population and 224 coins every eight hours in rent. After you finish this second goal, you'll receive 50,000 coins and two Bonus Crew members for your buildings.

Unfortunately, the third goal in Act 2 of this Saga is still marked as "Coming Soon!" for most players, but if anything, this gives you a chance to work on the other two goals in this Act, or even those in Act 1, without having as much on your plate. As usual, you can freely work on every one of these goals at the very same time, and when you can finally finish the entirety of Act 2, you'll receive a Slalom Chateau as an additional prize for your town. Stay tuned for more on this Holiday on the Lake Saga, as we'll make sure to update this space when more goals become available!

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