ChefVille Aftertaste: Maybe the Catering Truck isn't such a bad thing


A couple of weeks ago, ChefVille players were hit with a virtual pile of bricks as a massive Catering Truck feature was thrown into the game. With six massive orders to complete in just Chapter 1 of this ongoing feature, it's incredibly easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of dishes and tasks that are required to be completed for even just a single Order, let alone all six. However, while players can quickly become angry at Zynga for releasing a feature that they feel the game didn't need, they can also just as easily ignore the feature altogether and play the game as normal.

Yeah, that's right. Zynga has actually done a good thing for players for once. While the Catering Truck was a big deal at its initial launch, and we couldn't get away from requests from friends or even in-game pop-ups telling us to complete these themed Orders, it seems that many players (myself included) have decided to act as though the Catering Truck doesn't exist, and our virtual restaurants have progressed as normal, without Zynga continuing to beg us to try and fulfill these outrageous demands.

Sure, you might have a Catering Truck icon forever planted on the side of the screen, but the Truck itself can be stored and Orders can be canceled or entirely ignored if you simply don't care. Again, it seems that the average player doesn't care either, as my personal circle only has five friends that have moved past the second Order ever released, that being One for the Kiddies. Will we miss out on prizes for not completing these Orders? Of course we will, but I, for one, am actually thanking Zynga for allowing these Orders to be so voluntary, where we actually retain a choice in the matter.

Even though the status quo is pretty great, I'm still a bit fearful for the future. For now, I'll continue to support Zynga releasing new Catering Truck Orders for the diehard fans that want to complete them, so long as I don't have to. However, if there ever comes a time when we have to start completing these tasks and wasting precious ingredients just to finish a limited edition event or quest series, I can see that finally being the final straw for many of the game's most casual players. Hopefully that never ends up being the case.

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What do you think of the ChefVille Catering feature now that it's been available for a couple of weeks? Have you tried to complete all of the Orders released so far, or have you already started to ignore this feature? Sound off in the comments!