Backyard Hockey Rink at Richard Nixon's Former Home Gets Chilly Reception From Neighbors

Hockey rink at Nixon's former home in Washington, D.C.

It seems like the owner of one of Richard Nixon's former homes in Washington, D.C., is becoming the neighborhood's "Tricky Dick."

Brooke B. Coburn, a high-roller at a private equity firm, has reportedly irked residents for quite some time with extensive renovation projects at the house, where then-Vice President Nixon lived with his family from 1957 to 1961. He's been turning the quiet cul-de-sac into a noisy, congested mess, neighbors say. But the icing on the cake was an unusual addition that only became clear to neighbors a few weeks ago: Coburn has installed a backyard hockey rink.

Why, you might ask? So his two sons, who play hockey, can get in some practice.

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Backyard Hockey Rink at Richard Nixon's Former Home Gets Chilly Reception From Neighbors

This Los Angeles manse is for those who aren't tied down -- but who like to be tied up. It's dark and unassuming on the outside, but inside is a hedonist's lair. If you're a freak, then click forward.

Yes, that's a stripper pole in the shower -- one of several throughout the home. We don't imagine nice couples with children would want to live here. This place is meant for the single guy living in the fast lane. Oh, but there's so much more fun to be had...

There's also a disco! When the Saturday night fever hits you, turn on the strobe lights and drop the disco balls to instantly transform the living room into a dance party.

Now put the stripper pole and the disco together to basically turn the home into a cabaret club. Who's taking our drink orders in here?

This unassuming hideaway in Hinsdale, Ill., looks like the weekend home where Bruce Wayne unwinds after taking down villains across Gotham City. You have no idea how true that is...

They call it the "Batpool." The backyard pool of this mansion has a giant Batman insignia that can be seen for miles. Batman himself would never miss it as he's flying overheard. From how far away can you see it?

Like, really far away.

From the outside, this Hamptons home looks like the stuffy, upper-crust estate of a hedge-fund manager. But on the inside is a whole lot of fun...

The indoor two-lane bowling alley might make you feel a little more loosened up. Or maybe the 10-seat movie theater with "interactive" seats -- whatever those are -- will make you feel more at home. Or there's this...

A spa facility awaits you inside this home, complete with a Jacuzzi embedded in the floor right near the massage tables. Now this is a place we could stay for awhile.

Who wants to live in Boulder City, Nev.? We do, after seeing this home. The front is nice, nothing special, but you have no idea what you'll find in the back.

The home has a totally customized backyard water park complete with a lazy river, a 20-foot diving pool and endless water slides. There's even a water mill, should you find reason to need a water mill...

On the water slides, you'll have fun in the sun every day!

There's no avoiding the elephant in the room in this New York City penthouse. But what a pretty awesome elephant it is: The owners installed a slide to lead from the second level of the home to the first. There's a little kid in all of us, and this place makes sure to bring it out!

Here's where all the fun begins!

Stretching 73 acres, this estate in Castle Rock, Colo., delivers a whole lot of real estate and clearly had an owner at some point who adores our national pastime.

The home really knocks it out of the park with its own private baseball diamond. 

There's also an indoor batting range, lest you need anything else to make this house a dream come true for a baseball fan.

It sort of looks like a retirement community on the outside, and even if it were, what's inside will have gentlemen in their twilight years wanting to live out the rest of their days here.

An indoor putting green will let you practice your put all day long!


"Can people do this?" said next-door neighbor Jack Lindsay in The Washington Post. "I've never heard of having an ice-skating rink in the backyard of a residential neighborhood. That took everybody aback."

Richard Nixon's former home in Washington, D.C.The 30-by-64-foot rink is an eyesore to some in the neighborhood, and comes after what they view as other disruptions. Coburn previously built a new swimming pool on the property and made several landscaping upgrades, causing construction noise that reportedly bothered the whole neighborhood. The rink was "the straw that broke the camel's back," Lindsay said.

After the rink went in, neighbors contacted local officials to complain. It was found that while it's legal in D.C. to have an ice rink in your backyard, Coburn was one blade over the line. According to the Washington Business Journal, a construction permit for the rink was issued last Friday, but neighbors told the Post that the rink went in about two weeks ago.

"There was a minor oversight over one of the permits, and it's being addressed," Coburn told the Post.

Despite the hiccup, the rink is free to stay in Coburn's backyard after the contractor submitted project drawings for review, said Helder Gil of the local Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs. A permit for fencing on the property is still under review, Gil said.

Despite his neighbors' gripes, Coburn doesn't seem to be holding a grudge. He told the Post: "Complaints aside, my neighbors' children are welcome to come over and skate over the holidays."

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