Zep Commercial Launches CleanStone Plus™ Line


Zep Commercial Launches CleanStone Plus™ Line

Company's new collection of products offers advanced, professional cleaning for natural stone and tile

ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Zep Inc.'s (NYS: ZEP) professional strength cleaning brand, Zep Commercial, a leading provider of more than 4,000 specialty cleaning products worldwide, today announces the launch of its new CleanStone Plus™ line. These families of products were created specifically to clean and care for natural stone and tile. Designed for use in all areas of the home including kitchens, bathrooms and floors, the CleanStone Plus™ line includes four products that are formulated to clean, polish and protect natural stone and tile.

"As many consumers decide to stay in their homes and renovate instead of move, natural stone installations continue to be a popular choice for homeowners interested in updating and upgrading areas such as kitchens and bathrooms," said Matt Franz, product line manager at Zep Inc. "We recognize the importance of properly cleaning natural stone and maintaining its investment quality for years to come, which is why we're thrilled to introduce the CleanStone Plus™ product family."

CleanStone Plus™ products use neutral pH formulas, making them safe for natural stone surfaces and gentle on stone sealants. Offering professional-level performance to consumers for home cleaning, the formulas are also water-based and have low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emissions.

During the development of the CleanStone Plus™ line, Zep Commercial surveyed homeowners nationwide about natural stone and its cleaning and maintenance requirements. The survey found the following:

  • Natural stone is considered to be a significant home investment by 91 percent of respondents, with 97 percent noting they believe natural stone impacts the resale value of a home

  • Granite remains the most popular natural stone choice, with 78 percent of survey takers reporting they have granite in their home

  • Stained, dirty grout was the main maintenance problem for 51 percent of respondents, followed by the hazy residue and dull finish left by some cleaners for an additional 38 percent

  • Overall, care and maintenance of natural stone surfaces is often misunderstood, with 71 percent of survey takers acknowledging they only somewhat understand or do not understand the basics of stone care

  • Thirty-seven percent of homeowners surveyed believe stone should be resealed annually, however only 21 percent of respondents actually reseal their natural stone surfaces each year, with the majority reporting that resealing their stone surfaces is simply too inconvenient

"Our research indicates that many homeowners are unfamiliar with the specifics of stone care and maintenance and often use the wrong types of products to clean their stone surfaces," explained Franz. "We're happy to offer proper stone cleaning and protective products to our customers that are both easy to use and readily available in home improvement stores around the country."

CleanStone Plus™ Product Family

The CleanStone Plus™ line is designed to address the maintenance problems most commonly faced by consumers. The line offers four product options: Cleaner + Polish, Cleaner + Protectant, Cleaner + Degreaser, and Cleaner + Degreaser concentrate.

When surveyed, almost half of consumers noted that they clean their natural stone with only soap and water, which can lead to a dull finish or watermarks on the surface. Designed to restore stone's luster and leave a brilliant shine, CleanStone Plus™ Cleaner + Polish also creates a barrier on stone surfaces that protects against moisture absorption and staining. The light formula helps prevent fingerprints and does not leave an oily residue.

Over time, sealants on stone and grout can wear, especially in areas of the home that receive daily use, leaving surfaces susceptible to staining and etching. To rejuvenate stone and grout sealant with each cleaning, consumers can use CleanStone Plus™ Cleaner + Protectant, which offers a formula with advanced fluoropolymer technology that bonds to stone's existing sealer and creates an added layer of protection against discoloration and damage. Formulated to clean without leaving a haze or changing the color of stone, CleanStone Plus™ Cleaner + Protectant repels oil and water and is mold and mildew resistant, properties homeowners will appreciate when trying to maintain clean, safe environments in kitchens and bathrooms.

For kitchen backsplashes, countertop areas surrounding the stove and high traffic floors, the CleanStone Plus™ line includes a Cleaner + Degreaser option, which contains twice the amount of cleaning actives for effective grease and grime removal yet is pH neutral for safe cleaning. The Cleaner +Degreaser comes in a ready to use formula for counters and a concentrate for floors.

"Homeowners today have busy lifestyles and need products that are as efficient and flexible as they are," said Franz. "Each product in the CleanStone Plus™ line focuses on top maintenance concerns, such as protection against staining and discoloration, grease removal and polishing for a brilliant shine, while also addressing cleaning needs. With Zep Commercial's 75 years of experience in professional cleaning, consumers can trust that the new CleanStone Plus™ line will help maintain their investment well into the future."

For more information about CleanStone Plus™ products, visit MyCleanLikeAPro.com. For more information about Zep Commercial, visit www.zepcommercial.com. To view a short informational video, visit ZepCommercialCleanStonePlusProductLine.

About Zep Inc.

Zep Inc., with fiscal year 2012 net sales of $654 million, is a leading producer and marketer of a wide range of cleaning and maintenance solutions for commercial, industrial, institutional, and consumer end-markets. Zep Inc.'s product portfolio includes anti-bacterial and industrial hand care products, cleaners, degreasers, deodorizers, disinfectants, floor finishes, sanitizers, and pest and weed control products, as well as high performance products and professional grade chemical products for the automotive, fleet maintenance, industrial/MRO supply, institutional supply and motorcycle markets. We market these products and services under well recognized and established brand names, such as Zep®, Zep Commercial®, Zep Professional®, Enforcer®, National Chemical™, Selig™, Misty®, Next Dimension™, Petro®, i-Chem®, TimeMist®, TimeWick™, MicrobeMax®, Country Vet®, Konk®, Blue Coral®, Black Magic®, Rain-X®, Niagara National™, Washtronics™, FC Forward Chemicals®, Rexodan®, Mykal™, and a number of private labeled brands. Founded in 1937, some of Zep's brands have been in existence since 1896. Zep Inc. is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Visit our website at www.zepinc.com.


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