ChefVille Toys for Tots: Donate now for a free holiday Teddy Bear


As a continuation of Zynga's "Oh, What Fun!" campaign, ChefVille players can now donate to Toys for Tots to receive something in their restaurants as a reward. This new promotion goes along with ChefVille's Christmas event, as players are being encouraged to give a $5 donation, with the promise of receiving a free Holiday Bear for their restaurants in exchange.

If you've already started working on the Christmas quests and dishes in your restaurant, you've likely encountered some of the Holiday Teddy Bears that are available this month, but this Toys for Tots bear is one of a kind, and is unable to receive in any other way. Remember, if you donate the $5 US, 100% of your purchase price will go directly to Toys for Tots, and you'll receive 30 Chef Cash as an added bonus in your restaurant. This is enough to purchase other Teddy Bears, some spices, or even just some limited edition decorations to make your restaurant pop.

We'll make sure to let you know if you can support Toys for Tots in ChefVille in any other ways in the future, so stay tuned!

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Will you purchase this bundle of 30 Chef Cash and the Holiday Teddy Bear to support Toys for Tots? Let us know in the comments!