ChefVille 'The Winter Feast Begins' Quests: Everything you need to know


ChefVille has donned a Christmas-themed icon and loading screen for a while, but the actual holiday content has just started to roll out with new quests called "The Winter Feast Begins." These quests come from Bello, and they introduce a variety of new ingredient stalls and cooking appliances to your restaurant. We're here with a complete guide to finishing these quests.

Holiday Equipment

  • Buy and Finish the Winter Stovetop

  • Place the Winter Oven

  • Place 8 Holiday Decorations

The Winter Oven will be given to you for just starting this series, and it comes completely constructed, allowing you to start cooking and earning Winter Ribbons instantly. The Winter Stovetop must be purchased from the store and constructed using building materials you'll gather from friends. You'll need to collect five Mistletoe Metaphors via a general

news post on your wall, along with five Pinecone Parables which are earned through individual requests sent to your neighbors. To finish this quest, you'll need to purchase a variety of Holiday Decorations, available via the "New!" section of the game's store. Items like Cabin Walls cost 150 coins, while more expensive items like Teddy Bears and Christmas Trees can cost thousands of coins each. When you finish this first quest, you'll receive 10 XP and a Winter Candle decoration. You'll also unlock the Elf Tunic clothing item for your avatar.

Dancing Sugarplums

  • Get 5 Dancing Sugarplums

  • Tend 6 Neighbors' Bread Racks

  • Cook 5 Winter Meat Pies

The Dancing Sugarplums are earned by posting a general request to your news feed for help. For these wall post items, play the game on to earn help from strangers as well as friends, saving time in the long run. As for the Winter Meat Pies, these are prepared on the Winter Oven using two Sirloin Beef, two Onions and one Dough each. They take just two minutes to cook. Completing this second quest gives you two Green Bean ingredients, and unlocks the Spiced Stuffed Apples dish inside the Winter Stovetop. You'll also unlock the Santa Hat for your avatar.

Do the Green Bean

  • Buy and Finish the Green Bean Barrel

  • Cook 4 Green Bean Frittatas

  • Have 6 Winter Ribbons

The Green Bean Barrel is a new ingredient stall that is available to purchase for 1,000 coins in the store. It requires three each of Bean Bunches and Barrel Rings, which are both earned by posting a general request on your news feed. You'll also need to collect four Veggie Cartons, which are earned by sending out individual requests to your neighbors. You can build more than one of these Green Bean Barrels, which are available for collection every five minutes, but you'll need to build each one separately.

As for the Frittatas, these are prepared on the Winter Stovetop using four Green Beans, two Garlic and two Salt each. The dish takes just five minutes to cook, but you'll likely be slowed down by the Green Bean requirement either way. You need to cook this dish twice for its first Winter Ribbon, and you'll be able to earn three Winter Ribbons from the Winter Meat Pie above quickly as well. That makes this overall goal rather easy to finish, as you'll simply need to cook a few dishes on either the Stovetop or the Oven until you have six Winter Ribbons overall. When you finish this quest, you'll receive three Apples, two Unsalted Butters and 30 XP.

Family Feasting

  • Serve 2 Green Bean Casserole

  • Have 2 Winter Ribbons for Ginger Beef Chinese Takeout

  • Have 15 Winter Ribbons

The Green Bean Casserole can be cooked on the Winter Oven using two Green Beans, two Mushrooms and one Salt. A single batch of the Casserole takes one hour to cook, so plan ahead for that. As for the Ginger Beef Chinese Takeout, this dish is prepared on the Winter Stovetop using six Sirloin Beef, four Ginger and one Pepper. It takes four hours to cook, and the two Winter Ribbons are earned after cooking the dish three times in total.

Finally, you'll just need to keep cooking dishes in bulk across the Winter Oven and Winter Stovetop until you eventually unlock 15 Winter Ribbons, taking you to the halfway point of this event. More dishes will be released in the future (along with presumably more quests). In the meantime, you'll receive two Soy Beans, two Kidney Bean and one Tofu for completing this quest.

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What do you think of these first quests in ChefVille's massive Christmas event? Do you think you'll be able to finish them all before they expire? Sound off in the comments!