Bed Bath & Beyond Employee Quits On A Price Tag

Bed Bath and Beyond price tag

A Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. employee recently quit his job in a scathing but subtle way -- until a customer stumbled on the evidence, took a photo, uploaded it to the Internet, and sent it straight into the annals of viral and glorious job-quitting stunts.

A user of the anonymous online forum Reddit known only as "mastranios" peered at a tag for a Nuwave Pro Infrared Oven (a cooker that can broil, roast, bake, barbecue, steam and dehydrate food, all for $119.99). But the price tag had been fiendishly adulterated, by none other than the person responsible for writing that Bed, Bath & Beyond tag, whose job satisfaction was clearly at a low (via Consumerist).

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"THIS IS FOR FAT F***S" it states, along with the explanation "MY BOSS IS A P***K" and the announcement, "IM QUITTING TODAY." Sandwiched between these colorful insights into the mind of the tag-writer, sit a few key facts about the product, like its dimensions, and that it comes with an extender-ring kit.

(Other recent creative resignations include those of the news anchors who quit on air and the hotel worker who walked out with the accompaniment of a marching band.)

"Saw this at Bed Bath and Beyond," wrote mastranios when he uploaded the photo. The conversation then quickly devolved into whether or not Bed Bath & Beyond was a terrible place to work and whether or not the Nuwave Pro Infrared Oven was awesome to cook meat.

Verdict: The Nuwave Pro Infrared Oven is good for making chicken strips, Tater Tots, fries, whole turkeys, and ham. Bed Bath & Beyond, however, has several disgruntled employees out there, and this mischief-maker is officially their "hero."

If you want to view the uncensored image, click here.

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