Destroy all dungeons with Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition Trainers


When it comes to the new Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition, there are two kinds of gamers: Gamers that are stepping back into the game as an older, wiser person ready to conquer some baddies again. There will undoubtedly also be newcomers to the arena, experiencing the joy of playing through this classic for the first time.


To bridge the experience gap, CheatHappens has trainers (a series of modifications and cheats encased within a single download) available for the Windows PC version of Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition. These trainers provide an essential boost in your journey by giving you all kinds of cool abilities, such as unlimited magic resistance and max hit points. Slay your way through this revisited classic today with these and many other CheatHappens trainers.

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Are you slashing your way through Baldur's Gate again? Or is it your first time going through the Forgotten Realms. Sound off in the comments. Add Comment