Toys'R'Us Towers by Ubisoft is like Tiny Tower, but with actual rewards

Toys'R'Us Towers
Toys'R'Us Towers

Imagine the hours you've spent building an enormous, glorious skyscraper in Tiny Tower. Now, imagine if those hours wasted spent joyfully actually amounted to physical gain. That's essentially the premise of Toys'R'Us Towers, a Facebook game made in collaboration between developer Ubisoft and the toy store chain available now on the social network.

The whole hook of Toys'R'Us Towers rests on the promise that players can earn real rewards for use at Toys'R'Us stores nationwide. In fact, Kotaku claims to have earned 15 percent off of a single item within just 15 minutes of playing the game. The actual play loop is simple, and frankly it's been done before. Players build departments in their very own store, staff them with associates, collect profits, upgrade displays and repeat the process ad infinitum until they one day become CEO.

Of course, along the way you'll earn real-world coupons just in time for the holidays. Then again, it's already December 11, so maybe it's a tad late to start playing a game for discounts. Hey, there's always next year ... but that depends on whether those coupons expire. Scratch that: Hey, there are always birthdays.

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