Mobile indie darling Horn goes free-to-play with Quest Mode

Horn Free
Horn Free

Did Horn ask for too pretty a penny when it launched months ago for $6.99 on the iOS App Store? If that's not the case, then the folks at Zynga and Phosphor Games are just fine fellows, as Horn has been re-released as a free-to-play game. Available now, Horn Free offers players the "Prologue" portion of the original Horn story, along with an all-new Quest Mode.

The latter (which is available in the paid version after an update) sees players as Horn attempt to destroy all of the nefarious Titans before they turn the land to stone. Players fight a series of increasingly more formidable monsters, gathering gear and other loot along the way throughout a cave filled with secrets.

Horn Free also comes with a slew of player customization options and weapons to slay a bunch of new Titan beasts with, including a new flying type. Of course, the full story of the original Horn will still be available to free players for a $6.99 download from the App Store. It sounds like Horn just embraced its Infinity Blade inspirations even further. But if that's in the hope of getting more players into the vast, gorgeous world that is Horn, more power to them.

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