First Look: PopCap's new hidden object social game, Hidden Agenda


Don't worry, PopCap is toiling away on more than just the sequel to Plants Vs Zombies. (In fact, rumor has it that it's working on a 3D console game, too.) The EA-owned creator of Bejeweled is finally ready to show what else it's working on: Hidden Agenda. A brand new intellectual property, Hidden Agenda is a hidden object game headed for Facebook in early (i.e. Q1) 2013.

PopCap has provided us with the first ever screen shots of Hidden Agenda in action, and we're told that the studio will begin recruiting beta testers in Canada and Australia to iron out the kinks. Based on these incredibly early screen shots, Hidden Agenda looks to be heavily focused on its characters (no surprise) and plot development (actually a surprise).
Like most, if not all, PopCap games, Hidden Agenda features a cast of anthropomorphic animals, like Penny Paige, a cheetah that just so happens to be a reporter. However, this game has a decidedly different art style from the rest of the studio's stable of IP. The characters are more human-like than ever and perhaps more mature, which for the hidden object crowd is fitting.

As for the theme of this hidden object game, that's more difficult to tell. The iconography in its logo and user interface seems to point toward Egyptian, but no such scenes have been shown yet. PopCap is no stranger to hidden object games, so we'll see whether it can take it to Zynga and Playdom with Hidden Agenda in Q1 2013. And hopefully by then we learn a bit more.

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