FarmVille: New crops come with double mastery for Christmas


It's a rare sight to see new crops released in FarmVille that are available for all players right from the beginning, without the need for purchasing Farm Cash licenses or unlocking other crops first, but that's exactly what has happened in the game's marketplace this week. Zynga has launched another Farmer Appreciation Week across the game, seeing double mastery being rolled out until Wednesday, a free horse being thrown into users gift boxes, and two new crops being available to purchase in the store.

The two crops are the Christmas Tree and Snow Woman, and both are available to plant for just five coins per square. Both of these crops are available to harvest after six hours, and you'll earn 80 coins per square harvested. On top of that, each square is worth 3 XP when the crop is fully planted and harvested, so this is a great way to earn some experience points fast while these crops are available for the next 12 days.

Again, these aren't the only bonuses being offered to players, as both storage in the Market Stall and Crafting Silo has increased, and a Sleigh Ride Horse can be found in your inventory. You can even master these new crops faster via the launch of double mastery, which will once again expire on December 12 at 5PM Pacific. Good luck mastering these new crops before they expire!

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What do you think of these new coin crops? Did you receive your free Sleigh Ride Horse? Which crops or trees will you try to master during this double mastery event? Sound off in the comments!