CityVille Building a Snowman: Everything you need to know


If you're ready for a challenge, Zynga has one for you in CityVille. It's time to build the ultimate Snowman in our cities, and we'll have just seven days to partner up with a friend and build the Snowman that puts all others to shame. You'll be given the Level 1 base to your Snowman for free when logging into the game, and must then work to collect a variety of building materials to increase the Snowman in size and complexity through Levels 2-6.

To start the upgrade process, you'll need to collect two Magic Black Hats and three Blue Scarves. The Blue Scarves are earned via a general news item posted to your wall, while the Magic Black Hats can be earned by collecting from themed buildings. These buildings are found under the "Snowmen" theme in the store, and come in the form of Egg Nog Shops and Snowmobile Shops, each of which cost only a few coins to purchase. There are also plenty of qualifying City Cash items to purchase if you're looking for something a bit more "special." As you collect these items, you'll be able to combine them into Magical Snowman Outfits, and the faster you build the overall snowman, the greater your final reward will be.

Bundles like 2,000 Goods, eight Zoning Permits, and 600,000 coins are available, with different items being available each day of the event, until the seven days are up. There are also goals to complete in this event, requiring you to build the Snowmen, collect from specific buildings and even create those Magical Snowman Outfits that we talked about before. Completing these give you gifts that you can place inside your Holiday Tree for opening later on this year. Good luck building a snowman before time is up!

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