FarmVille maker drops contracts for U.S. forum moderators [Report]

Zynga moderators fired
Zynga moderators fired

[Editor's Note: Changes were made in this article post publishing based on further clarification from Zynga.]

The house that built FarmVille seems to have lost some of its foundation. According to fan website The Facebook & Zynga Blog, social gaming giant Zynga has neglected to renew contracts for its U.S.-based forum moderators. Save for some employed by Zynga full time, the majority of a number of moderators are no longer working to serve disgruntled Zynga game fans.

This outlet reports that Zynga has fired all of its U.S.-based forum moderators (on contract) in favor of filling those positions overseas, though with no attributable source. More specifically, it's claimed that India will be home for these contracts. Also, "word on the street," according to the blog, is that the order came directly from Mark Pincus [and other leadership], the developer's CEO and co-founder. (In fact, it did.) All of those claims may as well be rumor, but Zynga didn't shed much more light on the particulars in this confirming statement:

As part of the cost reduction program we announced in October, contracts on some outside services, including a portion of our forum moderators, will be allowed to expire. Player support remains a top priority for Zynga. Forum moderators will continue to be a feature of all Zynga games, and players will continue to have access to additional support through email, live premium chat and peer groups through social channels.

Allowing a contract to expire is essentially a layoff, at least for the affected party. It's clear that Zynga made the move to save some cash, but what isn't clear is how exactly whomever is left will handle moderating the developer's various game forums, which continue to grow. (Looks like it might be you.) Frankly, the timing of this move couldn't be worse, and here's to those affected finding new gigs quickly.

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