WordChuck: 7 ways to up your word game straight from the developer

WordChuck cheats tips
WordChuck cheats tips

How many words would a WordChuck chuck? (If a WordChuck coud chuck words, that is.) In this word game that's part Bobble and part Scrabble, your goal is to find as many words as possible from the collection of scrambled words before time runs out.

It's no doubt a blast, but it's not exactly a walk in the park for word game newcomers. So, thanks to WordChuck creator Masque, here are seven ways to up your word game:

  1. Common Words: Remember commonly found words and look for them early: TOE, TEE, TEN, NET, TEA, SET, TES, ATE, ETA, TAE, etc.

  2. Common Patterns: Practice looking for common patterns ( e.g. EAD -> BEAD -> DEAD -> HEAD -> LEAD -> MEAD -> READ)

  3. Common Prefixes and Suffixes: Discovering common prefixes (e.g. DE, DIS, RE, UN) and suffixes (AL, ED, ER, ES, ING, LY, S) often yields lots of adjacent words.

    WordChuck guide
    WordChuck guide
  4. Rhyming: See if you can rhyme a word to find similar words (e.g. SET -> BET -> MET -> PET)

  5. Extend the word: Does it have a plural (e.g. CAMP -> CAMPS)? More tenses (e.g. JUMP -> JUMPED -> JUMPS -> JUMPING)? Alternate prefixes (e.g. SET -> RESET -> PRESET)? Found in another word (e.g. ATE -> LATER -> CATER)?

  6. High scoring tiles: The high scoring tiles (e.g. Q, Z, V, K) earn the most points, even with short words!

  7. Other players: Remember the words other players seem to find a lot. Look for those words, too.

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