Finally, a Pokédex that actually fits in your pocket, hits iOS devices

Pokedex for iOS
Pokedex for iOS

PokéFreaks, your time has come--you know, aside from all those other times when something Pokémon-related happens. The Pokémon Company has announced that a version of its Pokédex featured in all of the traditional Pokémon games is now available on iOS devices. For $1.99, players get access to detailed information on all of pocket monsters of the Unova region.

For those of you keeping score, that's info including evolutionary trees, typing, battle stats and attacks learned for Pokémon numbers 494 through 647. The new-and-improved Pokédex also provides locations for specific Pokémon as well as what types each Pokémon are weak to and strong against. Once players download the Pokédex, they can access Pokémon number 1 (being Bulbasaur, of course) through 493.
However, those additional bits of Pokémon data will cost you a pretty penny, with each pack (oh which there are four) going for $5.99 a pop. At first glance, this looks like it very well could be the definitive (and most expensive) Pokédex for fans of the series. You know, whenever they're actually not playing Pokémon. While that may be a rare occasion, any self-admitted PokéFreak would be remiss not to at least try out the Pokédex on iOS.

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