FarmVille Mystery Game (12/09/12): Fashion animals come to the farm


This week's FarmVille Mystery Game sees players being given a chance to collect a set of stylish animals, ranging from birds to ponies, which can be won by throwing darts at the balloon board at a cost of 20 Farm Cash each. This week, players are being given a free dart to earn an item, and we're here with a look at the items you could potentially win this week, with details being discovered by FarmVille Freak. Let's get started!

If you're ready to take a chance at winning one of these items, here's what you can win:

Buried Treasures
Diva Pony
Kewl Dragon
Prom Chick
Rainbow Poodle
Stud Horse

If you win one of each of these items, you'll also receive a special seventh item at no additional cost. That item is the Stylishostrich, and while it might be tempting to go after this animal, you'll need to remember that it's possible to receive duplicates when searching for each of these items on the balloon board, so the Stylishostrich could turn into a really expensive item in the end. If that's acceptable to you, make sure to play this game fast before the items expire in a week.

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What do you think of this week's FarmVille Mystery Game prizes? Did you throw a dart at this week's board? Which item did you win? Sound off in the comments!

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