CoasterVille Winter Wonderland Items: Everything you need to know


CoasterVille may be Zynga's newest Facebook game, but the development team behind the game has made sure that early adopters will get to celebrate Christmas within the game even while they're still getting their bearings. A new set of Winter Wonderland items has been released in the store, but unfortunately, they're only for those who are willing to pay up.

Just like FarmVille 2, it looks like CoasterVille's limited edition item setup will focus primarily on premium items that are only available to purchase with Park Cash. As of this writing, this Winter Wonderland theme comes with nine new items, but only one is available to purchase with coins. We're here with a look at these new items, so get those wallets ready!

Xmas Tree - 32 Park Cash - +80 Popularity

Penguin Ride - 25 Park Cash - +50 Popularity - 180 Thrill Points / Day

Snow Glove Shop - 25 Park Cash - 540 coins in profits

Gingerbread House - 21 Park Cash - 320 coins in profits

Reindeer - 9 Park Cash - +23 Popularity

Candy Cane Fence
- 7 Park Cash - +18 Popularity

Holiday Arch - 4 Park Cash - +12 Popularity

CandyLane Path - 2 Park Cash

Holiday Arch - 4 Park Cash - +12 Popularity

Snowman - 3 Park Cash - +10 Popularity

Snowy Pine Tree - 90 coins - +2 Popularity

Hopefully, some Christmas or Winter-themed quests will launch within CoasterVille this month that will give us some themed items for free, or this is definitely going to be the first of many disappointing item releases in the game. We'll make sure to let you know if CoasterVille's Christmas event expands either way.

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Are you disappointed to see so many Park Cash items released in this Christmas item theme, or are you willing to support new games with a real-money purchase? Sound off in the comments!