CityVille 2 Winter Neighborhood Items: Everything you need to know


If you haven't logged into CityVille 2 recently, you'll notice something quite different about the game the next time you login: your land is covered in snow! To help add more of a Christmas touch to your town, you can also build new Winter Neighborhood items, starting with a Winter Retreat which is being given away for free. We're here with a complete look at this Retreat and the other items in this limited edition theme, so let's get started!

Holiday Workshop (Crafting Building) - 4,800 coins
Tacky Holiday Trailer - 18 Golden Keys
Winter Mansion - 1,250 coins
Winter Cottage - 550 coins
Winter Retreat - 1,800 coins
Winter Townhouse - 2,700 coins

Winter Complex - 3,000 coins
Cocoa Stand - 9,000 population required
Gift Shop - 12,000 population required
Holiday Bakery - 13,000 population required
Ice Skating Rink - 16,000 population required

As you can see, most of these items require you to have a ton of citizens living in your town, so you may need to add many of the smaller homes to build up your population before unlocking the other ones. The positive there is that the more Christmas homes you add to your town, the more Christmas cheer you'll add to your town, which is always a great thing! We'll make sure to let you know if additional Christmas items are released in CityVille 2 in the future, so keep checking back with us!

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What do you think of these Winter Neighborhood items in CityVille 2? Will you create a massive winter playground inside your CityVille 2 town? Let us know in the comments!